Aaraf (*Raffles x Aarah) bred by Ben Hur farms
Aaraf (*Raffles x Aarah) shown as a young colt
*Raffles x Aarah
1st prize in saddle class at the National Show
1949 and 1950
*Raffles x Aarah
pictured at a young age at Ben Hur Farm in Indiana
Aarah (Ghadaf x Nadirat) with filly Aarafa (by *Raffles, full sibling to Aaraf)
Aarah (Ghadaf x Nadirat) pictured with filly foal Aarafa (x *Raffles)
owned by Ben Hur Farm
Aaraf (*Raffles x Aarah) Skowronek sire line CMK Arabian
*Raffles x Aarah
showing a resemblance to Mesaoud
Aarah (Ghadaf x Nadirat) closely related to Doyle Arabians
Ghadaf x Nadirat
1935 chestnut mare,
Dam of Aaraf and Aarafa
Bint Maaroufa (Fay-El-Dine x *Maaroufa) dam to foundation Phara Arabians, Straight Babson Egyptian Mare
Bint Maaroufa
Fay-El-Dine x *Maaroufa
1953 Chestnut Mare
Bint Maaroufa (Fay-El-Dine x *Maaroufa) dam to foundation Phara Arabians, Straight Babson Egyptian Mare
Bint Maaroufa
Fay-El-Dine x *Maaroufa
with filly by Aahaf
*Raffles (Skowronek x Rifala), linebred son of Skowronek out of Skowronek daughter
Skowronek x Rifala
1926 Grey Stallion
*Raffles (Skowronek x Rifala) Foundation of Phara breeding through his son and daughter, Aaraf and Aarafa
shown at age 24, one
year after a broken leg
Rifala (Skowronek x Rissla) dam of *Raffles, Crabbet Arabian Mare
Skowronek x Rissla
pictured with *Raffles
Lewisfield Sun God (Aaraf x Aarafa) bred by Lewisfield Arabians, James Lewis
Welcome to the Phara Heritage Society

The purpose of the Phara Heritage Society is to bring together all those who love and admire the Phara Arabian or horses deriving from a Phara Arabian. You need not ever have owned a Phara Arabian or even a horse carrying Phara blood to be a part of this organization. Whether you have met or known a Phara Arabian or have simply admired them from afar in advertisements, articles, or on the Web - if you are a fan of the Phara Arabian then we would like to invite you to celebrate them by becoming a member of the Phara Heritage Society.
Please enjoy your visit to this Web site. We hope that you will find it informative and interesting, and that you will be as intrigued by these
"fairy tale horses come to life" as we are!

How the Phara Heritage Society came to be . . .

Many of you are familiar with the Phara horses, and just as many of you or more have no idea what a Phara Arabian is.

The Phara horses are the culmination of a dream inspired by the great Lewisfield Sun God (Aaraf by *Raffles x Aarafa by *Raffles). Back in the 1960's this dream began when Annette Patti was searching for her "ideal" specimen of the Arabian horse. At this time there were many imports coming to the States as well as many Saddlebred trainers transitioning into training/showing Arabian horses. Annette was extremely disillusioned at the direction our breed seemed to be going - moving from a classic, typey Arabian to a horse that more closely resembled the movement, size and look of the Saddlebred. Her search ended in 1964 at the Texas Fall Show in Dallas where the 1964 National Championships were being held. In the arena stood a colt that to her represented the ideal most classic Arabian - Lewisfield Sun God (who was only a yearling at the time).

Annette tried several times, unsuccessfully, to purchase Sun God from his owner James Lewis Jr., but Sun God was not for sale at any price. Seeing him the first time that day in 1964 changed Annette's life forever - and since she could not have Sun God himself she made it her mission from that day forward to focus her breeding program on recreating her own Sun God. She began by purchasing the best Sun God daughters (Lewisfield Sun God died tragically at 7 years of age, leaving only 24 foals), a full sibling to Sun God, and horses closely-related to Sun God. That dream has been her reality for the past 44 years - in which time she has bred 100 foals carrying the lines of Lewisfield Sun God and closely resembling him in conformation and type. These horses have made their own legacy - the Arabian horses of Phara Farm.

What makes a Phara Arabian so special?

The Phara Arabian is easily recognized by several prepotent physical characteristics: their world-renowned extreme jibbahs, expressive round eyes and fabled teacup muzzles. In addition to their extreme type the 100% Phara Arabian is chestnut in body color (with a select few exceptions in the early years of the program), ranging from golden chestnut to purple, nearly black, chestnut. Mane and tail color are often flaxen, ranging from silver-white to orange flaxen locks. Classic children of the sun, their distinctive beauty is unforgettable.

In disposition the Phara Arabian is truly a horse worthy of its Bedouin ancestors. Exhibiting loyal, loving dispositions that desire human companionship, the Phara Arabian is gentle to handle and easy to train. They possess a hearty work ethic and live to please.

The Phara Heritage Society was created as an organization to celebrate the Phara horses. This organization is not only for those who love and appreciate 100% Phara horses, but ALL horses containing any percentage of Phara blood.

There is an in-depth article on Annette and the Phara horses in the February/March 2008 issue of the Modern Arabian Horse magazine - finally these horses are getting some much-deserved recognition and will hopefully be "rediscovered" by those who have forgotten about them as well as "newly discovered" by those who were not previously aware of them.

Please enjoy the following pages taking you through the history of Phara Farm and the horses that helped build the Sun God Legacy!
All rights reserved 2007-2011.
No images or content may be copied or reproduced without express written consent of the Phara Heritage Society.

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