The Distinctive Phara Arabian

Sun God Reflection – one of Annette’s personal favorites of the Phara breeding program

What is a Phara Arabian?

A 100% Phara Arabian is defined as a horse bred by or owned at one time by Annette Weber (formerly Annette Patti) of Phara Farm (Phara Stud Inc) or one whose sire and dam are each 100% Phara. A horse contains some percentage of Phara blood if it has a Phara Arabian anywhere in its pedigree.

All members of the Phara Heritage Society can have the Phara percentage of their horse verified at no cost.

What distinguishes the Phara Arabian?

The Phara Arabian is easily recognized by several prepotent physical characteristics: their world-renowned extreme jibbahs, expressive round eyes and fabled teacup muzzles. In addition to their extreme type the 100% Phara Arabian is chestnut in body color (with a select few exceptions in the early years of the program), ranging from golden chestnut to purple, nearly black, chestnut. Mane and tail color are often flaxen, ranging from silver-white to orange flaxen locks. Classic children of the sun, their distinctive beauty is unforgettable.

In disposition the Phara Arabian is truly a horse worthy of its Bedouin ancestors. Exhibiting loyal, loving dispositions that desire human companionship, the Phara Arabian is gentle to handle and easy to train. They possess a hearty work ethic and “live to please” attitude.

Sure they are beautiful, but is the Phara Arabian ATHLETIC?

YES, the Phara Arabian is extremely athletic. Originally shown in halter and most classic classes (which they dominated) the Phara Arabian has also proven itself a valued riding horse. Some of the areas that Phara Arabians have excelled in under saddle are English Pleasure, Western Pleasure, 3-Gaited (Park), and Dressage. Several have also been show champions as driving horses. With having such tractable minds, many Phara Arabians have been used exclusively as pleasure and trail-riding mounts. And still more Phara Arabians have proven themselves invaluable as trustworthy mounts that the entire family can enjoy.

Is there a DEMAND for the Phara Arabian?

The Phara Arabian is a result of generations of line-breeding horses descending from and closely related to the most classic of Crabbet descendants, Lewisfield Sun God.

The Phara Arabian has withstood the test of time – there has ALWAYS been a market for these correct, gentle horses with extreme Arabian type – yet, seldom is a Phara Arabian for sale as they are highly treasured by their human families. The Phara breeding program is in its 56th year (as of 2019), and since its inception has maintained a constant waiting list for foals.

Many of the breeders preserving the Phara Arabian have not made their breeding stock available to outside horses. Others owning Phara Arabians have chosen to remain out of the public eye, not promoting or advertising their beautiful horses but keeping them all to themselves for their personal enjoyment. Because of this there are many people today who are unaware of the Phara Arabian (especially those new to the breed).